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"I love fresh ideas about everything". Adriana Siso founded her contemporary industrial design store in 2002 in Santa Fe, NM. With a background in Fine Arts, Adriana has been an innovator, bringing to the Santa Fe area, original and unique industrial design products by some of the most creative design firms in the world.

Some cool ideas about outdoor furniture. Cacoon – hanging chair/hammock. New in the market, and we just got ours in, we’re so excited! Come and check them out. They assemble and disassemble easily, available in 3 sizes: single, double and kid, and in many colors. Great for outdoors anywhere, as well as indoors. Your imagination dictates, anywhere where you can think ‘hanging’. Optional door, and mosquito net. Tons of fun! Come visit to find out more and see fabric color options.

Also, Dutch award winner Flex Chair, folds to a structurally sound seating design chair from a flat envelope shape with handle, based on the idea of an origami fold. Simple. Great outdoor/indoor chair with beautiful lines and shape. Available in many colors through Molecule. Also, an optional conical shaped cushion pad is available in 3 colors. Come visit and see these great outdoor furniture must haves!

Outdoor Furniture
Envelope Form
Outdoor Furniture
Flux Chair Space Reduction

Fit up to twelve chairs in your vehicle! It is possible. With 97% space reduction capability, the possibilities are endless. Create a beach banquet in seconds, or use them in your favorite event or trade show. Call us for information and details, availability and lead times.

The Outdoor Banquet