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A Molecule is the smallest unit in a compound, which also contains the whole.

We identify with this principle and use it as a metaphor.  Our desire to relate to the big stories of our time, in the spirit of curiosity, and participation, helps us discover current dialogues about innovation in design, science & technology, and business.  It’s exciting to exchange and reflect upon the great shifts affecting our general view of the world.  It is a challenging time, yet so full of potential!

Turbines in production.
Image: From The State of Wind Power – Turbines in production. Image (c) Vestas

The term design connotes many ideas.  At a central level, design is intrinsic to our existence.  Everything we do is somehow influenced by design.  Some would say that good design is built into our DNA.  Visually, we seem to respond naturally to proportions and numbers.  Emotionally, we know design makes our lives better.  At its best, design is adaptive, discursive, disruptive, proactive, not only aesthetic. Our information worldview is certainly becoming molecular or biological.   By looking into areas like nanotechnology, biotechnology, biomimicry, and materials science, we can clearly perceive significant future directions and a deeper creative connection to the principle and question of what is alive and organic. How will humanity fare through these transitions?

With In Context, we share some of our discoveries and provide ideas that reflect the contemporary.  In so doing, we affirm the organization of our content in terms of creativity, significance, inspiration, encouragement, courage, outrageousness, and brilliance!

We like to keep a fresh outlook on things innovative, including those that happen in our area. Visit regularly. Don’t hesitate to send your comments.

2017 Santa Fe Institute launches an Interplanetary Project with Galactic Ambitions

Santa Fe Institute
Image: HI-SEAS is a Martian simulation on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano on the island of Hawaii.

Art & Design at Molecule

The store annually featured the work of local Santa Fe designers, fabricators, and artists, as well as national and international design firms through multiple events and alliances.

The Store:

Molecule Design operated in Santa Fe, with a physical store and an online store with national reach.  Molecule brought to the area an extensive selection of contemporary industrial design furniture and objects from well known national & international brands.

The Molecule Design Store was launched in September 2010 at 1226 Flagman Way in the lively Baca Railyard District. Adriana Siso founded her design store in 2002 in a previous location in Santa Fe, NM.  The first design partners Molecule worked with were Vitra Design Museum, Moooi, Cherner Chair, and other prestigious and well-known brands. Today it partners with other world-class manufacturers like Vondom, Loll Designs and Moroso.

Molecule operated out of a recycled and renovated shipping container building, the first of its kind in Santa Fe. Currently Molecule is available through the online store and by appointment.  Sustainability is an important area of interest and ongoing exploration for Molecule, which offers product lines with a focus on conservation and ecological stewardship.  A recent alliance with the Vertical Aeroponic Growing System – Tower Garden, promises to offer a lot of inspiration in the growing field of aeroponics as the future of agriculture, industrial design at its best.

Adriana Siso, Santa Fe, NM.

Cheri Ibes, Aquaculture Installation by MVS Chaise, Vitra
Cheri Ibes, Aquaculture Installation by MVS Chaise, Vitra