2012 New Topographies / An Evening at Molecule-Design Lab

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"I love fresh ideas about everything". Adriana Siso founded her contemporary industrial design store in 2002 in Santa Fe, NM. With a background in Fine Arts, Adriana has been an innovator, bringing to the Santa Fe area, original and unique industrial design products by some of the most creative design firms in the world.

The first design partners Molecule worked with were Vitra Design Museum, Moooi, Cherner Chair, and other well-known national and international brands. Today it partners with other world-class manufacturers like Vondom, Loll Designs and Moroso.

Molecule operated out of a recycled and renovated shipping container building, the first of its kind in Santa Fe. Currently Molecule is available through the online store and by appointment.

Sustainability is an important area of interest and ongoing exploration for Molecule, which offers product lines with a focus on conservation and ecological stewardship. A recent alliance with the Vertical Aeroponic Growing System – Tower Garden, promises to offer a lot of inspiration in the growing field of aeroponics as the future of agriculture, industrial design at its best.

Molecule Contemporary Design, the silver metallic freight structure set back from the road near the intersection of Cerrillos and Baca Street, presents, New Topographies, an evening in celebration of the first Design LAB Juried Exhibition launched in conjunction with Design Santa Fe 2012.

The evening event will showcase Adriana Siso’s project, the design and construction of Molecule, as well as works by Andrew Davis, Simón De Agüero, Cheri Ibes and Kerry Loewen. Siso, Davis and De Agüero have been selected by the distinguished jurists of the Design Lab Juried Exhibition to be included in the Design Lab exhibit. In addition, a video/sound work, The Survey, by Cheri Ibes and Kerry Loewen, will be projected on the exterior wall of Molecule beginning at 8pm to 11pm. Live dance music by Pete Amal and Friends will begin at 9pm to 11pm.

Simon de Agueros elegant constructs appear as tent-like canopies or translucent vertical and horizontal intersections lightly tethered to the landscape like atmospheric currents.  His work redefines space in subtle ways that combine elements of both architecture and sculpture. De Agüero approaches fabric as a delicate building material, constructing spatial relationships that beautifully integrate his interests in architecture (he holds a Master of Architecture degree from The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture), sculpture, and design. His structures, often made of fabric in combination with adobe or other organic materials, suggest a nomadic, tenuous relationship with the environment, like clouds passing overhead.  For Simón studying, experiencing and designing quality spaces is a life long passion.

Andrew Davis is a poet, cabinetmaker, and visual artist. He divides his time between Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the north coast of Spain. His current project is the long poem Impluvium. Impluvium is an open ended poem in 32 parts. Andrew will read with with Sharon Franco and Joe Hayes.

“The “impluvium” was the pool in the central courtyard of the traditional Roman house, an all-purpose cistern/wash basin/garden pond. Impluvium is also a catchment tank, promiscuous: a gathering in of all that falls. It is composed of a number of different voices, each indicated by position on the page. Impluvium can be read aloud, and benefits from the effort to do so. In reading aloud the “symphonic” quality of the text as well as the aural and thematic connections between the various parts become more apparent. A number of different “voices” are required; the reader is encouraged to experiment”, Andrew Davis.

Adriana Siso’s container structure

Adriana Siso is an artist, a designer and a contemporary furniture dealer. Throughout her creative life, Adriana Siso has defied the conventional boundaries that distinguish fine art, design and architecture. Instead, she has set upon a course of exploration that traverses many landscapes, including fashion design, faux painting, highly refined minimalist painting, sculpture and, most recently, architecture and environment. Adriana conceptualized and built her contemporary design store, Molecule Design, in the Baca Railyard District, in Santa Fe, NM. The structure is built from 11 High Cube Shipping Containers and was completed in September 2010.

“At the store, we are proud to partner with some of the best contemporary national, and international home decor design firms, as well as local award-winning product designers and artists. Some of our designers are international stars”. Adriana Siso



In “The Survey,” Cheri Ibes and Kerry Loewen explore the relationship between humans and the natural environment. The Survey aligns discordant elements—in this case, two tracks of dialog, one fragments from Henry David Thoreau’s literary masterpiece, Walden, and another containing fragments of news from recent environmental disasters, alongside a video that whimsically transplants Thoreau, in his capacity as a land surveyor, from the 1850’s into the present day.

Kerry Loewen is Professor of Media Arts, and Chair, at the Department of Media Arts & Technology at New Mexico Highlands University.

Cheri Ibes  is a sculptor and installation artist.

“I am attracted to familiar things, especially ordinary functional things that have been discarded or have become so commonplace as to disappear even before they are obsolete. I exoticize their banality. I am interested in the potential of these objects after they lose their culturally defined functionality or when their intimacy has become so profound that they are lost to our senses”. Cheri Ibes