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As an artist who uses photography as an art form, I am interested in states of reality. How is reality experienced; how is it revealed? As I become more aware of the many scientific theories about multi-universes, space/time conundrums and the like, I find reality difficult to define and a challenge to depict. I am drawn to this challenge by striving to make visual that which may not have a visual component.

Transcending Boundaries
Counterbalance, from the series Unexpected Geology

I am always interested in looking beyond the surface in the hopes of revealing something deeper and unexpected. Photographs were once considered “truthful”, but we now know there has been photo tampering going on since its inception. Because photos are “believed” there is a great deal of room to play within photography’s reality to create a personal fiction (a visual poetry) that is more open to interpretation.

Transcending Boundaries
Mesa Rising, from the series Coming into Focus

This is the very reason I was drawn to photography ten years ago as a creative medium. Photography, especially digitally aided photo collage/montage, is a potent medium through which I am able to communicate the ways I see and understand the world.

Transcending Boundaries
Committed to Memory #2, from the series Unity of Time and Place

Ellen Jantzen is an internationally well know digital artist. Ellen has been the recipient of many important awards spanning an extended career. Ellen’s exquisitely poetic imagery reflects on the multidimensional levels of sensing and emoting. Time and place are seen as initial layers to discover hidden meanings and altered states, sometimes ephemeral, and sometimes dense to refer to the transcending levels that are present in matter and not alienated from our physical and spiritual experiences.

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Ellen Jantzen unearths new states of reality through digital manipulation. Scientific theories about space, time and the ever-expanding universe provide a starting point for a portfolio which looks beyond the surface to reveal new layers of meaning. Aesthetica Magazine – 2018

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