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The Wave Formed Footbridge merges sculpture and architecture in a way that offers a completely new experience to those who walk across and through it. The design was inspired by visualizing the idea of people walking across the bridge and in doing so, form a kind of wave of energy that could conceptually deform the structure in space and time, into ever changing waveforms. 

The Wave Formed Bridge
The Wave Formed Footbridge, by Michael Jantzen

Specifically in this case, the visualization involved three people walking across the bridge at one time, each on a different path. The visualization of their energy wave forms were all frozen in space and time at the center of the Wave Formed Footbridge, in order to establish a model for the final construction proposal of this particular structure. 

The Wave Formed Footbridge is a proposal for a large (250 foot long) functional public art pedestrian bridge made of steel. There are four primary support channels each of which is deformed at the center into different wave formed shapes. Three separate red colored paths weave through the four support channels. The two outer paths curve up where the channels are distorted into waveforms, and the center path curves down.

Michael Jantzen

Michael Jantzen is an internationally well known artist/architect. His work has been featured in hundreds of articles in books, magazines, newspapers, and on the Web. Some publications are the LA Time, the New York Times, and magazines like Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, and Wired. He has also been published in books like, Architecture in the 20th Century, Architecture in the United States, the Atlas of Eco-architecture and Architecture Art

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You can see some of Michael’s maquettes and small works at Molecule Online.

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  1. Love this design! It is so funny that three people are on their own paths across the bridge. :)

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