POP-UP STUDIO at Molecule – Designer Manufactures Personalized iPad Bags

onsite studio

Totally utilitarian.

Erika Eckerstrand

Swedish-born local solar-mesh-bag fabricator extraordinaire, Erika Eckerstrand, from Designs Of Erika, will be joining Molecule for a fun approach to product presentation. She will literally bring her whole manufacturing studio, including rolls of fabrics, scissors, and her industrial sewing machine to fabricate custom bags onsite!

The kick, that you will be able to have a say about selecting the fabric for an exclusive iPad Envelope Bag fabricated by Erika on site, Friday and Saturday only. Erika’s complete inventory of bags will also be available for purchase, which include her famous Messenger Bags, as well as Cosmetic and Travel Bags, Wristlets, Passport Envelopes, Baskets and more. They will all be in one place for 2 days, a great opportunity to stock up on needed personal bags or storage baskets, or find a great gift for a special friend. Come visit us for this fresh trunk event  to see Erika at work as she makes your bag of choice.

onsite studio
Erika with her industrial machine onsite at Molecule’s POP UP STUDIO

The first international graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Erika has transformed hardy materials originally made to withstand the elements into sleek, contemporary pieces that are as practical as they are stylish.

A wine rack, viewed as purely functional by many, morphs into sculpture with Erika’s vision and nod to Scandinavian design. Erika says her goal as a designer is to “create pieces that both enhance and beautify the world around us.”


Friday and Saturday June 5th and 6th, 10am to 5pm

About Adriana Siso

Adriana Siso launched Molecule Design in September 2010, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Molecule is the extension of a previous furniture design store that was founded in 2003 as an expansion on a career in fine art, which she pursued for more than 30 years. She brings her talents and uncompromising quest for practical and original products to the world of home furnishings and space design. Molecule carries contemporary industrial designer products that are approachable, remarkable, cutting edge, made to last, life enhancing, sometimes irreverent, and timeless. Later in 2006, Adriana started the process of conceiving the new showroom space that would house the store. Partly sustainable, the structure was built out of 11 recycled 40′ cargo containers. Completed in December 2010, it became the first cargo container building in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Always an explorer, Adriana loves to engage in the realms of discovery and innovation. InContext/Molecule Design's Magazine, launched in December 2011, is the venue where she collects the great stories of creative thinkers, who in our current state of affairs, sometimes under great pressures and working outside the realm of imposed standards, achieve the impossible. It has been known that in times of great crisis, design flourishes. It is Molecule's mission to show this light.

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