Metamorphica & The Dance Macabre

Metamorphica & The Danse Macabre is an ongoing project drawing inspiration from mythology, symbolism, pop culture and contemporary fashion, by London-based artist Paul Kinsley Squire. Molecule came across Paul’s work by chance while looking through the printed work by a UK-based print studio we recently started to work with. Paul’s pieces stood out with an undeniable clarity, partly quirky, partly intense, and with a contemporary urban edge, a bit from cartooning and beautiful sketching.

There was something unique about the line, using a digital pen & tablet, a framework is digitally drawn in exquisite detail and then meticulously coloured, to create the finished artwork. The subjects, are human bodies with animal heads as in totemic, power animal hybrid affirmations. Metamorphica points to a world gone mad, and in very much need of rethinking its cultural archetypes. With theatrical cone light as background, the subjects are even more enhanced, they appear either as heroic or decadent, as a criticism to the establishment or poised to save humanity.

Survival of The Fittest

“These animal headed hybrids and dead beat fashionistas mix humans with paganistic totemism and skeletal decadence, resulting in a highly stylised ultra modern icon.” Paul Kinsley Squire
In All’s the World’s a Stage for example, we pick up the symbolism of the Owl as spirit animal. The Owl sees in the dark, it represents a time to face the shadows. The Owl guides and gives intuition to see beyond the veil of deception and illusion; it helps see what’s kept hidden. It also symbolizes the ability to cut through illusions and see the real meaning of someone’s action or state of mind. The presence of the Owl also announces change.

The completed pieces are each available as acrylic (perspex) and aluminium mounted prints, or archival Giclée prints which can be traditionally framed. At the moment, you can find the prints at our online store.

Besides the strong Metamorphica series, Paul Kingsley Squire creates paintings, drawings and other digital art, building a diverse portfolio including ethereal abstract landscapes, anthropomorphic animals, and figures inspired by metamorphosis and transformation .

The Summer of Love

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