American Made – Pop-Up Market, Santa Fe, NM 2011

pop-up market

Come meet us at out first AMERICAN MADE event. We’ll be doing a Pop-Up Holiday Market, featuring:

New Mexico Designers:

Erika Eckerstrand – Solar Mesh Bags
Tony Anella – Architect – Sustainable Furniture & Objects
Jonathan Boyd – Hand Crafted Furniture
Marion Wasserman – Digital Textiles

Santa Fe is blessed to have an amazing creative culture. The city is renowned as a center of art, set in one of the nation’s most historic communities. It has a strong design community involving architecture, and interior design. Recently, the area is seeing a development in product design, artists thinking products, merging approaches and techniques, to consider industrial fabrication. We’re seeing a surge in the production of one of a kind utilitarian objects that are born from art thinking, which transition into a new consideration of use.  This first pop-up event brings together  a few of these new Santa Fe designers.

Erika Eckerstrand, solar mesh bags

Also, showing some pieces by national product designers:

Norman Cherner – Chairs – Hand Crafted Mid-Century chairs – Connecticut
MioCulture – Recycled Cardboard Dividers – Philadelphia
Rotoluxe – Recycled Plastic Light Cubes – Washington

We’ll be part of the 11th Annual Baca Street Arts Tour. Great fun-filled weekend!

Food: Nile Cafe – Friday from 5.

About Molecule Design

Molecule embraces fresh ideas in contemporary industrial design in the area of home decor. Innovation that includes technological practices in the development of products that bring updated attitudes about space and objects of use is what keeps founder Adriana Siso going. Molecule is proud to be currently partnering with some of the best contemporary national, and international home decor design firms, as well as local award-winning product designers and artists. Sustainability is one of the areas of interest and ongoing explorations for Molecule, offering also products that are made from 100% recycled plastics, harvested woods, green foams, and recycled cottons. The store is located in Santa Fe, NM. Through the year Molecule organizes multiple product introductions and art and design events. Sign Up to our newsletter in order to keep up with our activities, and be the first to find out when we do sales, product intros, and many other events, If you are Trade, definitely sign up here, to take advantage of trade benefits, we'd love to work with you.

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