2011 Mix @ Molecule – Mix Loves You

Mix @ Molecule – MIX Loves You

Date: February 17, 2011 @ 6pm
Venue: Molecule
Address: 1226 Flagman Way Santa Fe
 Mix @ Molecule was a blast! Thank you Mix! Amazing the work these guys do. Mix is all about community development effort. They connect community members through crowd-sourced, data-driven engagement activities at ten monthly networking events each year, plus an annual startup competition.

MIX’s plans for 2011 included launching an all new website to track projects and collaborations in the City Different and to engage in targeted resource and financial support for young entrepreneurs and bold new businesses.

“…and we’re inaugurating our 2011 efforts in traditional MIX style: We gonna party”.

“Get your young and inspired asses to the rapidly swank-ifying Baca Railyard and check out some innovative cargotecture at MOLECULE–a top shelf furniture and design joint assembled out of ISO shipping containers and architectural chutzpah.

Audio design and compulsive gyration strategies will be courtesy of the one and only, the legendary, the luscious…DJ MISS GINGER.

POKI wanders the earth like Kane, using circus and juggling skills to fight for truth and justice, but he calls Santa Fe home and he’ll be on hand to circus-ize your brains and perform feats of deadly derring-do and wanton performative precision.

Food you can believe in will be courtesy of COUNTER CULTURE with the addition of vegan/gluten free cupcakes from MOMO CAKES.

The cash bar will be lovingly staffed by THE UNDERGROUND and, as always…a FREE drink will be courtesy of artisanal, organic, ambrosia peddlers ILEGAL MEZCAL…

And we partied…

mix-santa fe

MIX helps individuals find jobs, friends, camaraderie and more and helps businesses find talent for hire, customers, information and more.  It’s an authentic, collaborative forum that facilitates real connection and changes the networking game from the awkward, speech making of other events.

“We set the stage for real people to find the right connections in order to make magic happen.  We make the atmosphere, bring the best people, frame community conversation and then let the connections begin”.

Engaged professionals in the MIX community include entrepreneurs, artists, civil servants and anyone who wants to collaborate, celebrate and pursue a passion. MIX has between 200 and 400+ attendees at each bimonthly networking event between March and November on the third Thursday of the month from 6:00-8:00pm. Every event happens in a different location around Santa Fe and seeks to spotlight underutilized or underexposed places, organizations, and/or issues.  Each event showcases local talent, specifically, photographers, DJs, graphic designers, volunteers, local chefs, bar-experts, artists and interesting people, businesses, products and projects.

MIX believes Santa Fe can be an exceptional city by seeking to nurture itself through crowd-sourced data gathering, empowerment and collaborative ideas, design and advocacy. Many constituents have seen the benefits of working through ideas to make change happen. A key tenet of MIX is to support its local entrepreneurs based on the understanding that our city is undeniably DIY (do-it-yourself), meaning that we encourage all of that come to MIX to workshop solutions and fill in gaps with a new service, product, project, program or activity to respond to the city’s categorical needs. Through our data, MIX has found its constituents to be incredibly entrepreneurial. When asked, ‘Have you ever started a business?’, 58% of MIX constituents responded they had. We put our money and capacity where our data reflects where an investment is needed: in pre-revenue startups!

In short, MIX is a community driven project building a collaborative future. Our founders had a vision to reconnect Santa Fe to itself, and strengthen the ties that bind us together.  Come to MIX, take a survey, grab a drink or snack, get comfortable, and get to know the community and find the opportunity that you may have never known was waiting for you to seize it.

This is an amazing networking, economic development local organization. For more information on Mix, click here.

About Molecule Design

Molecule embraces fresh ideas in contemporary industrial design in the area of home decor. Innovation that includes technological practices in the development of products that bring updated attitudes about space and objects of use is what keeps founder Adriana Siso going. Molecule is proud to be currently partnering with some of the best contemporary national, and international home decor design firms, as well as local award-winning product designers and artists. Sustainability is one of the areas of interest and ongoing explorations for Molecule, offering also products that are made from 100% recycled plastics, harvested woods, green foams, and recycled cottons. The store is located in Santa Fe, NM. Through the year Molecule organizes multiple product introductions and art and design events. Sign Up to our newsletter in order to keep up with our activities, and be the first to find out when we do sales, product intros, and many other events, http://www.molecule-design.com/#subscribe. If you are Trade, definitely sign up here http://www.molecule-design.com/trade-services-registration, to take advantage of trade benefits, we'd love to work with you.

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